Musicians and charity

Subject charitable assistance is now one of the key issues in any developed society. Appeals to her sound in a variety of social networks, in print, on television and radio. Such a general public interest issues requiring people speaks in favor of its high level of development. Suppose that in our society there are still many unresolved issues, but the tendency to engage in charitable activities is a favorable signal.
Mirror reflection of the society and the processes taking place in it, are well-known personalities: actors, athletes, musicians. Their public actions, they demonstrate the general mood prevailing among the masses, as well as serve as an example for others. Charity like nothing else helps to strengthen the image of a public person, and also allows you to coerce others to engage in such activities.
Most celebrities recognized that the main motive to encourage them to charity, is not advertising, and a sincere desire to help people. They often face the charity fund, calling, so others to take part in charity events and to express confidence that fund.
Especially worth mentioning charity musicians. That musicians are participants of various stocks, choosing different ways of providing charitable assistance. It often happens that the appropriate funds are turning to them with a proposal for assistance, and they are willing to respond.
Musicians – a special members of any society, as the music has an effect on the inner world of man, his soul, and therefore their attitude and participation in charitable activities is particularly important. Throughout the world, the musicians are active philanthropists. Methods of charity may be different. The most common of these are:
Free concert. These concerts are a great success among the inhabitants of the children’s homes or orphanages. They equally help elevate mood and believe in themselves as seriously ill patients, and persons with disabilities. In this case we are not talking about the allocation of some funds, but the emotional component of this event is not less important. Music helps perk up those who have lost hope or gave up on their own abilities. It allows you to look at the world in a new and re-experience the joy of life.
Proceeds from the sale of CDs. Many musicians periodically list all of the revenue received from the sale of their albums in any charity. As a rule, it is quite considerable sums of money, so they can be a great help in solving urgent problems, such as some organizations and individuals. This gesture is certainly a gesture of goodwill, when people are willing to give up his own salary in favor of those who need help.
Organization of charity concerts. This practice is quite widespread today. These concerts can organize as any one group or several groups or musicians in an effort to attract more people, given the different tastes and preferences of the audience. Sometimes the whole organized charity tour of countries in order to gain more money. Usually, the audience of the concert is also aware of its charitable focus. This realization can stimulate ordinary citizens to attend the concert.
Thus, the musicians are of great help to the community in the implementation of charitable activities. Often their actions are an example to others, encouraging others and do charity. Good intentions, standing at the base of the activities, without a doubt, are a credit to the musicians, and those who participate in these concerts as spectators, warms the idea that they have contributed to helping people in need.


Who can act as a benefactor

Charity is a way to demonstrate high moral standards, so participation in such activities in the most positive way reflected both in the way of someone who is engaged in it, and on its internal self-perception as a philanthropist satisfy their deep need for mercy.
We can say that charity is a step higher than the banal feed alms. Why? The fact that giving alms, you almost immediately forget the one who filed, and can not be sure that your alms may be used for other purposes. For example, each of us once faced with those who ask for alms, for example, expensive surgery for her child. Driven by the best of intentions, we give a certain amount, but how can we be sure that the amount collected is really going on that same operation?
Charity is organized using the same, which reaches the ultimate goal, and is therefore much more efficient. Philanthropist not only donates a sum of money, but also takes on the responsibility for both the very act of assistance, and partly for the recipient and for their relationship with him. In this sense, charity is a private act, representing one of the manifestations of moral maturity of the person.
Who can act as a philanthropist?
First of all, it is the ordinary people – you and me. Everyone is not indifferent to the suffering of others can expand their activities in the field of employment charity. Can be specifically selected to assist the person or family, or organization. The main thing is to have your assistance to be effective. The best advice for this would be the concentration on a single beneficiary. In this case, you can really be helpful and greatly improve the lives of others.
The family can also be regarded as a benefactor. Assistance provided to a particular family, is not uncommon. Such cases, when the whole family, acting under the influence of a general desire to help those who need it, there are all over the place in history. The means of some families, for example, funds or open houses are built the needy. This attitude of family clans to charity can be transmitted from generation to generation, demonstrating the moral high ground of a particular family.
As philanthropists today often perform a variety of organizations or companies. And in this case, not only do they provide charitable assistance, but also themselves receive some benefit from participation in such activities. Competent leaders are well aware that if their organization was involved in charity, they get a number of advantages over the others, which may beneficially affect the development of their business in the future.
Well, finally, as a benefactor can also be considered and the state as a whole. In this case, social policy of the state as the highest form of charity. How does it work? Citizens of any country pay various social taxes and make their contribution to helping the needy compatriots. The state further distribute this assistance in various ways. One such method is a system of social work. Thus, the state manifests itself as a philanthropist, and each of us contributes to the common cause.
As can be seen, the charity is a wide field of activities, both for individuals and for organizations, companies and the state. Anyone can become a philanthropist who wants to show their good will and support for the needy. If you have the desire to participate in charitable activities, do not resist this desire. Come take it seriously and responsibly, and then your help is required to reach the person to whom it is necessary.


10 reasons why you should do charity work

Charity today a phenomenon quite common. Every now and then we hear about all over the place held charity events, involving both charities and individuals. Due to ongoing activities, thousands of people receive hope, solve problems related to health, or out of a difficult financial difficulties. All this is possible because other people are willing their good will, showing the best human qualities and helping the needy.
Do not think that the charitable activities needed some crazy money. On the contrary, any, even a token amount, multiplied by the number of participants, the ability to radically change the difficult situation with someone in the family, or bring extras in nursing homes or orphanages. So the fact that you are not a millionaire, should not be turned away from such activities.
We can say that charity is necessary not only for those who receive care, but also for those who provide it. We are ready to name 10 reasons why each of us should do charity work. Here they are:
Reason 1: Expression of love for one’s neighbor. Any person characterized by such feelings. Deep down we are all responsive and ready for such an act. But in the hectic days we can not always show similar qualities, limited, as a rule, a narrow circle of their friends and relatives. But the soul of man is much broader. It put more love and compassion. These feelings need to go, like all the others. Providing charitable assistance, we satisfy their higher needs, receiving from it a real pleasure.
Reason 2: The ability to prove himself as a beneficiary. As you know, we all are not perfect and each of us can happen trouble. At some point, we may also need the help of others. Helping someone today, we can rely on such assistance tomorrow, because every good deed is required to get back to us.
Reason 3: The ability to correct earlier mistakes. To err is human. Each of us can make unseemly act, as a consequence of regret. Charitable activities can help in this situation, even if not correct a mistake made in the past, but to make a difference today.
Reason 4: Creating a positive image. Any charity creates a positive image of their author. This is especially important for companies and organizations seeking to become the best in the eyes of their customers. Public personalities also strive to achieve a similar result.
Reason 5: Charity – a way to avoid mental staling. It is no secret that over the years we have become more pessimistic and cynical. Regular Assistance and participation in good deeds to avoid such an unpleasant mental staling, keeping us open to the world, trust and compassion. In other words, maintaining the very “humanity”, which distinguishes us from animals.
Reason 6: Good attitude and respect for others. People appreciate good deeds, so the lesson of charity, of course, arrange for you to all those with whom you are communicating. Even if you do charity in secret from others, good thoughts grateful to you people certainly will give you strength, health and a positive attitude.
Reason 7: Parenting own willpower. It should be recognized that not every one of us can easily lend a helping hand to man. If you do charity, then cultivate a strong-willed character traits that help to transcend their own terminals, and it will be very useful in other areas of your business.
Reason 8: Raising self-esteem. Charity allows us to take a fresh look at others and themselves in particular. Awareness of the fact that with your help many people decide their own problems, can significantly boost your self-esteem. And this in turn will give confidence, so necessary for a successful life.
Reason 9: Maintaining the unity of all life on Earth. Everything in our world is connected with each other. We are part of a single system and can not remain aloof from what is happening. Taking care of the neighbor, we are making a contribution to the common cause.
Reason 10: The absence of reasons why you should not engage in such activities. There’s no reason that would have prevented the manifest as a philanthropist. Once there are no obstacles, why not move in this direction?
Can you give us a few more reasons for speaking in favor of a class of charity? We are interested to hear your opinion, share it with us.


Сategories charity

Charity rather broad concept, which includes a set of faces. Speaking about the charity we mean helping the needy, but the types of assistance may be different, just as the needs of those to whom this aid is intended. Clearly define the concept of charity is difficult, because under it, in principle, can be understood as any good act aimed at something to improve the life of another person.
In this sense, charity is much more blurred concept than, say, the charity, which involves the allocation of a sum of money and its transfer asking. If charity is much more difficult. Its boundaries are much broader and are not limited solely by monetary relations. Therefore, clearly defined, is an action as an act of charity is not easy. For example, is helping your friends and family charity? Or is the case only in respect of strangers?
Such issues may arise in connection with such activities, but they are nevertheless not so much do not detract from the benefits of it, and therefore any good deed aimed at helping people in need can in principle be considered charity. Nevertheless, there is a category of actions which are officially classified as charitable. Let’s look at the various definitions of this phenomenon. So, charity – is:
Material assistance. This may also include the financing of important areas of human activity, such as for example research and tp. Such assistance may be provided by both private individuals and organizations.
Manifestation of compassion for one’s neighbor, which consists in the fact that the powers that be to seek help for the poor, thus fulfilling their moral duty to society.
Any acts of gratuitous nature, the purpose of which is to help the poor or having a social benefit.
Voluntary activities of citizens and legal entities, based on selflessness and involves the transfer of funds, services or performance of work necessary to alleviate the situation of persons in need.
Non-governmental gratuitous and voluntary activities in the social sphere, designed to support an individual or organization.
Royalty society activities aimed at protecting certain circle of people, objects or areas of human activity, carried out for their own self-improvement, under the influence of a sense of charity, justice, harmony, and so.
Royalty activity, which includes a set of humanitarian action of the individual, as well as organizations and societies. It is based on the desire to take care of a stranger.
Selfless love for humanity, which is manifested through the creation of various public institutions and systematic assistance to the needy and suffering.
Assistance to disadvantaged people, cardiac involvement, and for their compassion for them.
Redistribution of resources such as money, power, private time on various social issues.
As can be seen, there are many definitions of charity. Each of us may be closer for some specific from the general list. But not as important as it is characterized by the activity. If you have your own definition of a charity, you may well use it. The main thing that you took an active part in making its contribution to the common good cause.
Do you have your own definition of charity? Do you offer assistance to those in need? Give us your opinion and experience in this field.


The study of philanthropy

Currently, the charity is the subject of specialists studying various aspects of human life. The methods used to study the phenomenon of charity, in general, are traditional for the social sciences. Let’s see how it is in today’s society they study this phenomenon.
Often these objectives are carried out surveys to determine the general trend in society in relation to charitable activities. Also as a source of study discusses an interview with benefactors or beneficiaries, conducted a survey, analysis of the publications on this topic, archival documents, as well as the study of individual special cases. As can be seen, to get the data using different sources, but the process of accumulation and the collection is quite a long and laborious process.
It should be noted that the main body of research based on a comparative analysis of the obtained data. It is reduced to the identification of such features as: ethnic, gender, age, regional, etc.. Also allow data to perform biographical and situational analysis.
To study the phenomenon of charity also applies the so-called method of participant observation. He is an analysis of the experience of representatives of charitable organizations that are willing to ensure that their personal experience has been the subject of study in the future. This approach allows us not only to find out the facts relating to charitable activities, but also to learn and psychological aspect of inclusion in human charity.
Thus, we can say that the study of charitable activity involves primarily sociological research to assess how the activities of charitable organizations, and how and to whom the said assistance is provided.
On the basis of these data we can also draw conclusions about what kind of help is the most popular among the needy, as well as which social groups are socially vulnerable. Such information may be in varying degrees, to help predict the charity in order to make it really useful.
In this regard, the research is important and necessary in terms of development and improvement of charity, so their conduct should be regular in order to determine exactly how this phenomenon is changing over time.
Also wondering who acts as a research charity. This community is quite bitty. They include representatives of different sectors of society.
Thus, the issue involved the representatives of research institutes (students, faculty, graduate students), school teachers, museum workers, doctors, librarians, postal workers, employees of the Interior Ministry, as well as employees of charitable foundations, and a variety of analytical services. As can be seen, this topic is not indifferent to a lot of people, because the phenomenon of charity implies not only some physical activities, but also emotional, spiritual involvement.
That is why the charity will always be interested in a man, and therefore will always be those who want to study it in more detail. You are free to begin the study of charitable activities in your city, starting with the collection of the necessary information, and then analyzing it.
Do you think that the study of charitable activities necessary? Can it somehow affect the form of charity? Share with us your thoughts on the matter.


Company and charity

Data on the activities of the world’s major companies suggest that today many of them are actively involved in charity, providing sponsorship. Such behavior is becoming very common in the business environment and often heard of this or that social action, we know that its main sponsor was the one or the other company.
It is obvious that the company engaged in charity is not just. To do this, they have good reason. Let poprobuёm understand what causes serve the motive that lay down the basis for charity.
Universal Law of the energy balance. According to this law, the more you give energy, which is expressed in the form of money, the more energy (again expressed in material terms), you’ll receive. The result is a kind of energy exchange between you and the outside world. This law is always on and it is in virtue of this law, it is necessary to share their savings with others.
The opportunity presented itself. Participating in various charitable activities, the company is able to loudly announce itself. This dramatically increases the awareness of its name or logo, because the information about the sponsors always widely distributed during the entire period of the campaign. In addition, the popularity of the sponsoring company is greatly increased, especially in the eyes of those people who are directly related to the ongoing action. But the rest are also beginning to be given great deference to the company, and as a result, it offers services and products.
Establishment of a new business. Charitable activities may contribute to the creation of a new form of business. It can be an organization (charitable companies) engaged in collecting money and other material benefits for the needy. With the right approach to this issue, such activity may well provide a good income. In this case, you not only earn but also helping people.
Opportunity to realize their need for compassion, helping others, and other times, allow a person to feel the need of his stay on this planet. Do not forget that at the helm of any company are, first of all, people who are not alien to anything human. This fact allows us to hope that business and charity will always go hand in hand.
Indicator of well-being company. Sponsorship activity is a kind of indicator of the financial viability of the company. It also helps to raise its profile. At the same time, the greater the amount the company spends on sponsorship, the more serious and solid, it looks in the eyes of others.
It should be noted that the involvement of companies to charitable activities is an important prerequisite in order to have charitable organizations have a real opportunity to collect substantial sums to the needy. One successful company often able to provide much more assistance than hundreds of ordinary people who want to support those who need it. Why? The answer is obvious. If such a company will give at least 2% of its profits to charity, the amount of the sum will be significant and will help to solve many pressing problems. Though, according to the known law, the company will return to many times more money in the form of prisoners transactions or services sold. Thus, participation in charity events capable of indirectly affect the welfare of the company.
All these factors argue in favor of the fact that business and charity should be closely linked. Awareness of this fact will help business owners significantly improve their business, and at the same time to give your company a “human face.” If you own your own business and have never participated in a charity, be sure to do it! Thus, you can not only promote their own company, but also to do something useful for society as a whole.
Try it at least once, and you will understand the need for charity in the business world. To this already come hundreds of thousands of business people around the world, providing regular charitable assistance to the needy. Do you have experience in such activities? Do you agree with the fact that it is needed? We look forward to your comments on this topic.


How to raise children the spirit of charity

Every parent dreams of having his child has grown a good person, willing to help his fellow man. However, in order that the kid in the future become so, you need to have a child to think about how to instill in your child the desire to charity, as to make sure that he wanted to do good for others.
Today kids grow up, those who in the future will become adults. What will they be? Will they engage in charity, or are indifferent to the plight of others? This largely depends on the family, in which the child grows. It is impossible to instill in him a desire to help those in need, if the mother passing by dirty gypsy train station fastidiously avoids it. There does not need words, because children learn by adults. Absorbed from childhood is related to the needy, the child will carry him through his life.
If adults are actively involved in charity events, are members of the charities will gladly volunteer work while gradually attracted to this activity children are sure to continue the work of their parents. You can start, for example in order to feed the stray animals. It is very popular with children of any age. Well, then, as they grow older, to involve the child in the more serious cases, where he will feel that his contribution to the cause is necessary.
At the age of 3-4 years old children already understand quite a lot, and if you often talk about the charity, as well as his examples show that they are willing to sacrifice a certain amount to help the needy, your baby may well wish to also donate money to someone. You yourself can offer it to your child. At the same time, you need to seriously approach the selection of the organization. You can find them on the internet and, but for the first time, it is desirable to meet with them in person to the child remained fond memories of how people were grateful for his kindness. Do not just donate large sums. Might well start with a small, say 10-20 dollars. Furthermore, not necessarily give the money. It is possible to make another gift. It may be, for example, toys or candy – that you’re ready to present as a donation. It would be great if the first donation you save the photo or video – is even more will encourage the child to continue the initiated.
If you are firm in their intention to teach your child to the charity and lay the seeds of good in him since childhood, he certainly into adulthood continue to help those who need to give great pleasure from this.


Society’s attitude to charity

Our society is full of stereotypes and ignorance. Unfortunately, people are ignorant of many things, but in this particular article, we will focus on literacy in relation to the charity …
Let’s understand initially essentially charity – it takoё ?! According to dictionary definitions charity – is to render selfless (free of charge or on preferential terms) aid to those in need. One of the main features of the charity is effortless, voluntary, free choice of care (time, place, content, appearance).
Moreover, it should be noted that the charity – it’s not a one-time action. Man must consciously spend their financial, emotional and temporal features. In a single case that is not possible! Because it can not be effective because of incomplete awareness places, things, programs, nuanced control, necessary and so on. And when systematic charity and volunteering is precisely known and already tested importantly, that a certain amount of money to be in a certain direction, without departing from left to right, it’s not cheating, and it really carries a favor.
It is necessary to take into account all the little details are always before to participate in a particular event. For example, did you know that children’s homes are located in major cities in greater need of socialization programs, rather than in material assistance. Material assistance closer to those houses which are located in the suburbs so to speak.
Ignoring these items just leads to the fact that, at the moment, too much in the device system of education of orphans done wrong. Due to the negligence of sponsors and volunteers, children inoculated and educated and illiterate consumer attitude to real life – they have the habit of getting everything just so, just for saying “we are orphans.” Where the application of efforts to achieve a result where the votes, where work on a !?
At the same time, and the percentage in relation to surveys of people is also wrong:
54-55% of the respondents believe that charity should be everyone’s business at least to the extent of its capabilities; 39-42% – that charity inheritance only wealthy people;
47-50% believe that the focus should be on the charity social problems; 40-44% – on the contrary – it is a problem of the state, and the charity chooses, in what to invest;
45-48% believe that charity should be the work of Anonymous; 40-44% – that modest in this case, why not, and good deeds to be publicized to the public;
53-55% of the respondents say that good deeds are not only subject to publicity, but also the promotion (15-16% – for the material, 37-39% – for the moral – honorary titles, plaques, exposure); 35-38% – still in favor of selflessness;
34-37% support the idea of naming a benefactor it supports object; 47-49% – still against;
31-34% for that in honor of the benefactor rename schools, universities, homes, streets, associated with him (where he studied, worked and lived); 49-52% – inadequate measures against …
However, the paradox is that charity comes from the heart, which means that it is selfless! Provided unselfishness why advertise it !? Otherwise, it would be really competent way to launder dirty money businessmen. In my opinion, in this case closer to agree with 71% of respondents who have not been able to argue why the charity should not be encouraged, rather than with the 16% that of the material rewards!
Even the word charity lies in a meaning to bear good. But why only about 40% are willing to carry this good (and 28% – by far, and 12% with reservations to promote, support state and publicity) !? Flatly’re not ready – about 44%. What’s wrong with society !? Where good and kind people ?! Maybe it’s true in education, which has played a significant role in the respondents’ answers? And maybe still in the mentality of the human?
I personally find it difficult to give answers to the above questions. And you? What for you is a charity? Whether it is necessary at all today and needs whether in promotions?


Communication between business and charity

Engage in charity – should all the people in this world. Especially one who has large financial resources. To do good they have a lot more ways than others.
Great contribution to charity can bring employment business. His ability to not only help people in need, but to put into circulation and increase the accumulated funds.
At first glance it may seem strange that wording. Most people have a lot of questions arise and mistrust. Now we will dispel your stereotypes and make sure that such a relationship exists. And she’s straight, though at first it’s hard to believe it.
Imagine how many people in need could be helped if the funds collected for the charity would not be a specific person, and the company. Does that surprise you? And should not, because then it would help would be a hundred times more. Problems of the poor, so that would be solved much more efficiently. Joint efforts could be made much more.
In addition, the company regularly to pay all tax payments to the state budget and on the right would be considered by the company. From this combination of all parties would be even better.
Multiply the accumulated funds and then distribute them correctly, is a real boon. This form of the distribution of aid to the most civilized today. It will allow more successfully engage in charity, to the greatest possible number of people in this world.
Between business and charity necessary to establish a strong and unbreakable bond. Such a mechanism could have created a lot of good for most people. This requires society to be more active and cohesive. Only in this way, we can bring happiness to the people who need our help. And become happier by the fact that we can be useful to someone.


Mass charity

The concept of charity, in general, and its necessity in a society, we have already discussed in previous articles. Today I would like to talk about the mass of philanthropy and its benefits in terms of efficiency over conventional.
Regular charity – is the participation of one representative on a voluntary basis to help those in need. Mass charity includes joint participation in charity events, marathons and programs. This method is public collection enhances the amount of funds collected and the quality of their distribution.
Firstly, the funds collected are distributed uniformly in the direction of those who need an ambulance right this minute. Secondly, in preparation for large-scale events on public collection assistance, research, and calculated exactly who and what is needed at one time or another.
A very major role in the development of mass philanthropy play-profit organizations that are actively engaged in attracting private donations, collecting money and material things for different purposes: operations on children with congenital, equipment for hospices, hospitals, clinics, orphanages, etc.
They have developed methods to attract private donations mass charity: From unpretentious boxes, piggy banks to raise funds up to using high-tech methods of communication – online donations. Let’s look at them in greater detail and the points …
In a brief description of the methods of mass philanthropy includes:
Collection of clothing, food and other material assistance – one of the most common and well-known methods. And with the joint charity events when organizations come together, the efficiency is increased a hundredfold.
Install drawer-piggy to raise money – one of the most common, simple and well-known methods. But, he also acts only in accordance with certain rules … Drawer should be transparent, to demonstrate the amount inside the surrounding. Installing it should be in a well-visited place (mall, airport, railway station). It should be placed under the protection of video surveillance or security system. On the box should be indicated clearly and precisely the goal of the future implementation of the collected funds. At the end of the action created a special commission to count the collected funds, a special act, and then the money comes at the expense of needy organizations. Ideally, the completion of all formalities, should publicly announce the amount of money collected and the direction in which they were spent.
Charity events involving a large number of people and informing citizens through the media. This pathway is complex, but highly effective. A list of such events is varied: it can be a marathon while taking advantage of TV and the involvement of celebrities, sporting events with the participation of well-known representatives of the city, dinners and dances, performances, auctions, field trips, competitions and much more. The main thing is not to forget, and to take into account that the amount received as a result of funds for charity exceed the investment spent on the organization of the event, and not to belittle the total. That is, the charity event has its own formula for success – for every spent on the event one monetary unit should be collected three. A subject repeat the event, for example, each year, the amount of collected funds each year will rise.
SMS-action and on-line donations. This type of donation is aimed at young, active target group (managers, the people of creative professions, students, etc.) for this category is very important is to make a donation can be simply and without departing from the current affairs or study. For this reason, sms and Internet most suited to their involvement in charity. Only need to remember that SMS-action work well when there is an active support for their media. In this case, people are particularly quickly respond to an emergency, for example, when you need immediate assistance.
Client donation program. They increase the credibility of the company and involve clients in the charity, for example, in the preparation of transfer from one or another credit card, it is proposed to deduct a small portion to the needs. Or customers of a particular operator, offered to dial the number and charity in the tone mode, enter the amount on the donation.
Donation program staff. An employee of a company, you set the size of the donation and the recipient, and in the calculation automatically withholding funds from his wages. The organization that receives the donation so regularly reports to the company and the staff member for the costs of the above amount. Provided that the company will increase by several times its employee donations, adding their own funds, the management thereby demonstrate their complicity and respect, appreciating the efforts of the worker not only as a professional but also as a philanthropist.
As we can see, the above method is much easier, faster and more you can do good and to bring happiness to people in need. Then the mass terms, and private charity will cease to be mere words, and fall under the category of social phenomena, which stimulate dependency, weakening initiatives and a greater degree of “freezing” problem. And become really effective ways to help, not only affecting the tip of the iceberg, and the incoming depth and eliminate it completely.
Be kind, beneficent and supportive. Then the world will be better, and we change for the better! If you have any additions or just a thought on this subject, look forward to your comments.